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The company is still committed to becoming an innovative organization operating its business with capabilities at par with leading international companies under good corporate governance and proper safety measures. Policies were formulated to foster transparency and fairness as well as establish good practices in safety, environment and community as guided by sustainable development concept covering 3 main aspects which are economic aspect, environmental aspect and social aspect.
Thailand Together As One
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has spread across the world, during this period Plan B Media create #ThailandTogetherAsOne campaign and use our media as a channel to create a consistent understanding about social distancing and encouraging messages over 700 digital screens in Thailand.
Smile Bag
Plan B Media has organized the “Smile Bag Project” to provide over 20,000 survival bags during the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the community.
Food for Heroes
Plan B Media collaborated with Event Banana and Taejai.com created a food delivery service to medical staff due to Covid-19. Plan B Media supported digital screens throughout Bangkok and nationwide to help encourage donation and hoping to forward a good project in this crisis.

United Nations Development Programme helps countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results. Plan B Media are very pleased to be a part of building a better future by using Out-Of-Home media to make people realize about sustainable development .
UNHCR is the foundation to protect the rights and well-being of refugees from wars and conflicts. Everyone has the right to seek refuge in safe countries and to return home voluntarily. The company Plan B Media has partnered with UNHCR by using Digital media to help promote the project to raise awareness and engage with the community.
Dragonfly 360
A regional platform designed to mobilize society towards gender equality in Asia. Plan B Media supported out-of-home media to raising awareness for Thai people to realize the importance of the responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on gender.
Red Cross
Thai Red Cross Society invites the public to donate blood to help treat patients all over the country. Plan B Media emphasized the importance of blood donating and contributed by providing digital media to help publicize the project. The campaign message educates and invites public to donate blood to help those in need.
Collaborated with the Mirror Foundation to help search for missing children by making public service announcements through our media channels. The project aimed to bring attention to general public of missing children or missing people issue because the foundation is undermanned and lack of tools to generate awareness to raise public's attention and contribution. The media contributed were selected from their main benefits functions such as Bus Media was used a moving billboard throughout the city reaching consumers effectively with 90% recall or Digital screens broadcast via major screens.
SOS Children's Villages Thailand helps children who has lost their parents by providing shelters and cares. We contributed by providing media channel to help raise funds to help children in need.
WildAid Thailand
WildAid is a non-profit organization with a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade. We want to make Thai people aware of extinction and reduce global consumption of wildlife products because “When the buying stops, the killing can too”.
Smart Bus Shelter for innovative city
The maintenance of nearly 700 smart bus shelters, including investing in pavilions renovation according to the smart city concept by using technology to improve the quality of life for millions of people.
Plan B Media collaborate with Government sector to report real-time traffic conditions such as smart traffic map, estimates travel time, accident report, CCTV on over 90 screens coverage major road in inner Bangkok.
Do you wonder about Dharma?
Plan B Media collaborated with “สงสัยมั้ย? ธรรมะ” fanpage convey Dharm cartoon through the digital screen. Make “The Essence of Buddhism" easier to understand.
Be Good
Be good Project as a collaboration with Pun Fun Pun Yim program that is broadcasted on channel 5 (Royal Thai Army Radio and TV Station) and Line Thailand. The project has an objective to assist people in need especially those who are handicap and eldires who are physical challenge. Pun Fun Pun Yim program selected inspiring stories where people need help and Line Thailand designed and produced PR and advertising contents for the stories using famous characters from Line Chat to attract attention that are broadcasted through our Digital and Transit media
Plan B supported the foundation; Shelters for The Homeless Nonthaburi with cotton sheet vinyl to make use to earn income. BAG AGAIN is the project that produces recycled bags from unused vinyl to help generate income
Space Camp
Plan B Media in conjunction with the Scholarship Discovery Astronauts Thailand offered a chance to won a scholarship to attend the camp at the US Space and Rocket Center Alabama to the US without charge. The campaign was promoted through our Mall and Transit media attracted the core target audience who are young children with interests in NASA
Run For Others Charity
“Run for Others Charity 2017” was organized under collaboration with Autistic Thai Foundation as a marathon event at Lumphini Park. Fund raised from this activity was donated to Autistic Thai Foundation to help support children with autism to have better quality of life. This activity
also encouraged employees to exercise to promote good health.
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